PRI in the SKY

Satellite-Enable Your Existing Phone System With ...
The Ultimate in Communications Recovery.

What if you could have your phone system up and running within minutes?

Disasters can strike in countless ways, but despite the damage to your network - FTI has a disaster recovery solution designed to restore communications between your critical locations in seconds — using satellite technology.

Telephone Recovery      

After an outage occurs, PRI in the Sky™ enables your existing phone system to switch over to a satellite connection, instantly restoring normal functionality and turning every connected station into a satellite phone.

PRI in the Sky™ is compatible with Avaya, Nortel, Lucent, Cisco, NEC, 3COM, Alcatel, Mitel and any other system using PRI/ISDN for carrier connections.

A single satellite dish can support up to 92 concurrent calls in multiple formats (PRI, analog, E & M trunks) and simultaneously provide backup internet service.

Other PRI in the Sky™ benefits include:

  • Always on, easy to test
  • Move a PRI connection anywhere there’s broadband internet access with Portable PRI™
  • Circumvent carrier failure and/or congestion
  • Backup internet service simultaneously provided
  • Included Voice Recovery Service™ provides unrivaled flexibility and control: route some calls to PRI in the Sky™, others to mobile phones, landlines, other locations, voicemail, and more, all controllable remotely in real-time
  • Voice Recovery Service™ also provides complete backup to PRI in the Sky™ in case of power failure, equipment failure, or evacuation
  • VoiceCast mass notification (voice, text, email) and Fax Recovery Service™ are included
  • Satisfy compliance requirements (including 2009 Joint Commission EM.02.02.01)
  • May qualify for ASPR, DHS and other federal and state grant programs


PRI in the Sky is a new FTI  service that in combination with the Web Call Control can significantly increase Voice continuity in any organization. Used in conjunction with the Web Call Controller, FTI with the PRI option, can bring 24 PRI calls through a broadband Satellite link directly through your PBX. So in any type of outage caused by power, data loss, carrier problems, FTI can deliver 24 PRI calls directly through your phone switch.

Should there be other issues, the Web Call Controller can still route calls to alternative phones or individuals. This powerful combination of the Web Call controller, and PRI in the SKY makes FTI the most robust solution you can have to protect incoming calls. A T1 of incoming calls can be routed right back into your PBX, other calls can be forwarded anywhere. And FTI protects you whether you remain in the building or use an alternative site.

Complete control of incoming calls to all phone numbers—including Toll-Free, Fax, and individual DID’s—can be restored in only minutes, allowing callers to be handled in almost any way imaginable and enabling quick adaptation to changing circumstances on-the-fly, even while calls are in progress.
There’s no hardware or software to buy or install and it works seamlessly with your existing carriers and equipment. It’s powerful, fast, flexible, comprehensive, and perhaps best of all, affordable.

  • Every year natural disasters consistently compromise cities telecommunications for weeks and months.
  • In 2004 approximately 675,000 U.S. excavation accidents damaged underground cables & pipelines.
  • 27.5% (185,000) of these accidents damaged telecommunications facilities.
  • (*Above data provided by the C.G.A.)

9-1-1 in the SKY   

After a disaster or outage occurs, 9-1-1 in the Sky™ delivers up to 92 concurrent incoming 9-1-1 and other calls directly into existing telecommunications equipment via satellite, completely circumventing all regular carrier connections. In case of any failure, calls automatically fail over to any phones or locations anywhere. 9-1-1 in the Sky™ is compatible with virtually any system, delivering analog, PRI/ISDN, channelized T1, and/or SIP connections. 9-1-1 in the Sky is Next-Gen ready and also provides backup dial tone (for outbound) and internet access.

Other benefits include:

  • Back up administrative (10-digit) phone numbers in the same manner
  • Dial tone for outbound calls when carriers are inoperable Always on, easy to test Ready for Next-Gen 9-1-1
  • Move the connection anywhere there’s broadband Internet access with Portable PRI™
  • Included Voice Recovery Service™ provides unrivaled flexibility and control: route some calls to 9-1-1 in the Sky™, others to mobile phones, landlines, other locations, voicemail, and more, all controllable remotely in real-time
  • May qualify for DHS and other federal and state grant programs