Two-Way Satellite Internet Applications

Applications of Satellite Technology are Endless with FTI's Products and Services Offerings


Foundation Telecommunications can also custom design a package for your network or project.

Government Solutions      

Whether you are a smaller agency looking for standard Internet access, a large municipality looking for communications options, seeking reliable and cost effective bandwidth, FTI has the experience to help you determine real needs and solutions within your budget guidelines.

An essential element for any military organization is the ability to communicate, share information and provide support for large mobile groups of personnel anytime, anyplace.

  • Civil Protection
  • Disaster Preparedness
  • Comms on the move
  • First Responders
  • Field Operations
  • Military
  • Video Surveillance  (Application Brief pdf)
  • Managed Private Networks (WANs)
  • High Speed Internet /Intranet Access
  • Remote Access
  • Distance Learning/Video Conferencing
  • Broadcast, Multicast Delivery and Multicast Streaming


Business & Industry Solutions      

Business anywhere is possible today with FTI Broadband Satellite Internet services. Get the super-fast, always-on Internet connection, so that you and your staff will have instant access to the business-critical information you need.

As the number of applications for satellite IP communications grows, so does the need for specialized services in market segments. FTI’s presence continues to expand across a broad range of industries as we leverage our expertise and advanced technology to meet the varied needs of these customers.

  • Construction, Ming, Oil & Gas Industries
    • Industrial crews live and work in some of the most demanding, harshest, and unique conditions on earth. In an industry with intense pressures, constantly changing crews, stressful conditions, and where dollar loss due to productivity is measured by the minute; FTI is there to provide seamless and reliable communications and support.
  • Cable Industry, ISP, WISP - Resellers)
    • Providing broadband Internet access to every citizen in your community doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, we can do it in about 90 days. By installing a FTI satellite internet system that ties into your existing two way cable television network, you can finally offer high speed internet to your  customers, and at a price you can afford! Our customizable reseller plans work to make YOU profit and to build your client base.
  • Healthcare
    • People living in rural communities have long faced challenges in accessing the best healthcare possible. In fact, 40% of rural residents travel 30 minutes or more just to receive medical care of any type. Our broadband satellite Internet service can significantly improve the quality of medicine you provide your rural patients. Our telemedicine solutions allow quick sharing of digital images, such as X-rays, mammographies and CT scans with consulting physicians in urban medical centers. You can also share data such as EEG, EKG or video feeds, and hold two-way audio and video conferences.

  • Disaster Recovery  & Business Continuity
    • FTI can  provide a solution that will help your business stay running at all times. Business continuity is redundant Internet access that gives your business the ability to automatically switch traffic among multiple Internet connections. When one link goes down, you get WAN/ISP failover that automatically switches your critical Internet traffic to your FTI connection. Meanwhile, QoS prioritization guarantees bandwidth to your most important applications.
  • Telephony GSM Backhaul: Solutions Overview (pdf)
    • Extend your reach and expand market opportunities. With their core markets saturated, cellular operators around the world look to extend their services to the one billion people with limited or no access to cellular services. The need for global cellular communication in remote areas of the world is a significant opportunity for cellular operators to profitably expand their networks and gain new customers. Using the iDirect patented D-TDMA platform, FTI's system allows cellular operators to share network capacity across multiple locations, allocating bandwidth in real time and on demand to increase efficiency and reduce costs.
  • Energy & Gas Utilities (SCADA)
    • New requirements to support distributed generation, advanced electricity grid projects and demand side control, along with a growing emphasis on security, are rapidly forcing the upgrade of outdated SCADA networks. FTI’s technology provides the advanced features essential to upgrading and securing core energy and utility infrastructures.
  • Hotels, Marinas, RV Parks & Campgrounds (right click to download pdf flyers)
    • Both business and leisure travelers have become very sophisticated and expect to have wireless Internet access when they are on the road. Internet access is quickly becoming a necessity rather than a luxury. The use of Wi-Fi has grown 85% in RV Parks & Campgrounds in just the last four years.  Many parks have installed residential satellite and equipment solutions that cause more trouble, frustration and camper dissatisfaction than they are worth. There can be little or no billing in the months you are closed. No users = Little Usage. 
  • Residential, Private Islands (Remote & Rural Locations)
    • In many cases satellite is the only option for those living in far off and remote areas. FTI can make it possible to stay connected and not have to be dependent upon local telco services that are often unreliable. We have many customers' that depend upon our network services for everything from simple Internet access to VoIP and Video Conferencing. This allows customers to stay closely connected even when they live in the most remotes regions on earth.  Community Petition for Internet Service (pdf)


Education Solutions      

Give Your Students or Administrative Offices Fast, Reliable Internet Access, No Matter Where You Are Located.

Get high-speed connectivity virtually anywhere in the U.S. Increase your productivity - no more waiting on dial-up connections speeds

Schools in remote areas need not be at an educational disadvantage. Whether it’s Internet access for rural classrooms beyond the reach of terrestrial broadband or distance learning via video streaming for universities, FTI technology opens doors for any educational network.

We offer a variety of satellite solutions, both fixed (such as for your school building or office that connects to your local area network) and mobile (such as for a bookmobile), at varied prices and capabilities based upon your needs.

Applications with the satellite may include:

  • Internet access
  • VPN
  • VoIP
  • Distance Learning

Serving as a one-stop resource for our school customers, we also offer additional products and services that may be needed in school environments, such as technical support, training, hardware and software products by leading manufacturers.  Whether you need a firewall, servers, software licenses, Internet access or other network support, FTI offers competitive pricing and experience to meet the goals. 

We invite you to contact us about your plans and needs to learn how we can be of service.  We know each school is different, with different technology needs, and we believe we can help you design something perfect for your particular environment and budget. 

In May of 1997, the FCC adopted a Universal Service Order implementing the Telecommunications Act of 1996. The Order ensures that all eligible schools and libraries have affordable access to telecommunications and information services. The FCC also established the Schools and Libraries Universal Service Program. Through this program, funds are available to provide eligible schools and libraries with discounts—often referred to as the “E-Rate”—for authorized services, beginning January 1, 1998.

FTI (SPIN 143033413) Internet access is an authorized service, and both public and many private schools are allowed to participate. FTI is a proud supporter of the E-Rate program. Your school could be eligible to receive a discount on our service.

The Schools and Libraries Corporation (SLC), a non-profit entity established by the FCC, administers the Schools and Libraries Universal Service Program. The SLC can be reached at 1-888-203-8100 or you can fax a question to 1-888-276-8736.

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