Disaster Recovery & Backup Solutions

Do your business’ daily operations rely on having an Internet connection?
Can you afford to be at the mercy of a single ISP?

What can we offer your company?

Disasters can strike in countless ways, but despite the damage to your network - FTI has a disaster recovery solution designed to restore communications between your critical locations in seconds — using satellite technology.

Backup Satellite Internet for
Business Continuity      


Virtually every company today depends on Internet connectivity to conduct its normal operations. But as vital as the Internet is, few businesses consider the risks of only having a single landline-based Internet service provider (ISP).

Unfortunately, many businesses have recently learned about these risks the hard way. Simple water main repairs or routine road construction may have accidentally damaged or disconnected a landline. An infrastructure failure or natural disaster may have caused an unforeseen interruption in service.

In any case, these businesses experienced a drop in productivity—immediately. Communication with customers was disrupted. Leads and inquiries, lost. The ability to fill orders, gone. It’s not enough to have just one Internet connection—you need a backup. And you need a backup that’s completely independent of the landline infrastructure, and not vulnerable to the same risks.

That’s why you need Foundation Telecommunications, Inc., the best and most reliable backup Internet solution for business continuity. Unlike other broadband satellite providers, everything we offer is business-grade. Which means we have the highest quality VSAT equipment, reliable teleports on the ground and transponders on the most sought-after satellites in the sky. Plus, we perform failover testing several times per year and monitor your satellite connection 24/7 year-round to ensure proper functionality.


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Emergency Communications Vehicle  (ECV)       

Emergency Communications Vehicle integrated with its high-performance satellite services is a valuable solution to support the mission-critical requirements for disaster recovery and first responder organizations. The vehicle represents a transportable ‘command post’ and provides converged data, voice, and video communications that can be deployed immediately.

With the introduction of its new ECV, FTI now provides services to design and produce custom mobile satellite communications systems incorporated into vehicles for disaster recovery and first responder organizations. The equipment can be connected to FTI's high-performance satellite service or to other private services.

Although most vehicles the size of an SUV or larger can be used for emergency response vehicles, FTI's current vehicle is based on a Ford E350 retro-fitted ambulance. FTI's ECV can include a fully integrated high-performance satellite communications link; both wired and wireless telecommunications gear including a digital phone, GPS, laptops, and  even video surveillance equipment; and multiple power interfaces for a generator or other standby power. The satellite link is built around an auto-acquisition antenna mounted to the roof of the vehicle.   


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FTI introduces its Mobile Satellite Uplink Trailer: SatLink™.   The C or Ku band SatLink™ offers a wide variety of optional features including Two-way SCPC or TDMA Communications, High Speed Data Link, Moving Map with USGS Topographic Base linked with GPS and Satmaster Pro Software, pole mounted observation camera system and power systems of battery (up to 72 hours), propane generator, and commercial power cabling. 

The addition of the generator option provides constant utilization of the SatLink™ in areas that may not have access to commercial power making the SatLink™ extremely versatile in disaster areas and rural locations.

Suggested applications for the SatLink™ include; Emergency Disaster Relief, Rural Economic Development, Private State LAN/WAN Communications, Rural Internet Communications, State Highway Department, Department of Education, State Parks and Recreation, Interstate and Intrastate Secured Communications.  The flexibility of SatLink™ allows the applications can change as quickly as the technology. 

The design goal of the SatLink™ was to provide a stable universal platform with stable versatile power sub-systems capable of supporting any customer equipment and satellite option. As designed, customers may purchase the basic SatLink™ and add their own specialized electronics in the standard rack space provided.

Upon delivery to FTI, each SatLink™ is individually designed to meet the exact specifications of each customer order.  To the basic SatLink™, clients can choose from a wide variety of options including: antenna size, AC power sub-system size, transmitter, lighting options, battery upgrades, generator options, cellular phone communications package, air-conditioner, heaters, wireless LAN and/or Free Space Optics and custom installation kits.  Rack space can be reserved for customer installed components, as well.

Current Trailers available for Sale or Rent:
Large SatLink and Small Satellite Internet Communications Trailer


  SatLink BrochureSatLink Press Release | Small Communications Trailer

Transportable VSAT Terminals     

Whether the need is satellite broadcast, disaster response communications, or military communications, FTI's flyaway VSAT system provides secure high-speed data communications for Internet/VPN connectivity, live videoconferencing, surveillance or reconnaissance.


  • Quick deploy government or military communications.
  • Deployable emergency response communications.
  • Temporary communications from industrial sites (eg: mining, construction, energy).
  • Distance learning and Telemedicine applications.




PRI in the SKY

Telephone Recovery      

After an outage occurs, PRI in the Sky™ or 9-1-1 in the Sky™  enables your existing phone system to switch over to a satellite connection, instantly restoring normal functionality and turning every connected station into a satellite phone.

PRI in the Sky™ is compatible with Avaya, Nortel, Lucent, Cisco, NEC, 3COM, Alcatel, Mitel and any other system using PRI/ISDN for carrier connections.

A single satellite dish can support up to 92 concurrent calls in multiple formats (PRI, analog, E & M trunks) and simultaneously provide backup internet service.

PRI in the Sky is a new FTI  service that in combination with the Web Call Control can significantly increase Voice continuity in any organization. Used in conjunction with the Web Call Controller, FTI with the PRI option, can bring 24 PRI calls through a broadband Satellite link directly through your PBX. So in any type of outage caused by power, data loss, carrier problems, FTI can deliver 24 PRI calls directly through your phone switch.

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