Wireless / Hybrid Networks

The sky truly is the limit with satellite technology.

FTI's Hybrid Satellite & Common Carrier Networks


Satellite can be an economical compliment to wireless or terrestrial connectivity technologies to offload terrestrial bandwidth congestion, create wireless networks for small towns or areas, or whatever your imagination can dream up.

Cable Television Systems      

FTI’s CATV Internet service is a low cost, high speed, two-way satellite Internet backbone connection specifically engineered for use in small system applications. 

FTI’s Internet connectivity service is a comprehensive offer. The service includes all equipment, installation and FCC licensing for the satellite system up to the customer’s RF system interface,  delivery of Internet content to cable headends at speeds in excess of 6 mbps, and end user trouble support.  Internet content to and from the cable headends will be delivered via a combination of C-band and Ku-band capacity on IntelSat's Galaxy 19 satellite, resulting in exceptional levels of performance, reliability and reach at an attractive cost.  FTI has priced the service based on a “grow with us philosophy.”  Installations costs are low, customers can either lease or purchase necessary equipment, and monthly charges are the greater of a fixed percent of gross Internet billing or a fixed charge per subscriber per month.

George Livergood, President / CEO FTI, said,.  “The FTI offer was designed with the needs of the independent, suburban and rural cable system operator foremost in mind.  We’ve eliminated the high monthly cost associated with typical terrestrial bandwidth commitments so that even the smallest cable operator can offer high-speed Internet connectivity.” He continued, “We are delighted with the fit between our target market of small cable operators and the Galaxy 19 satellite, which distributes a wide array of entertainment, information, sports programming to cable head-ends in all 50 states.”

NCTC members are always looking for additional ways to expand the value and menu of offerings to customers.  We believe this service will be a major step toward elimination of the digital divide by bringing an important communications resource to the smallest communities in our country.  FTI has a commitment to provide a way to deliver an easy-to-implement, economical and all-in-one-box solution that should be profitable for small cable systems.




Wireless & WIMAX Solutions      

People in your community—and especially the business people—need broadband Internet to thrive and compete. It’s become a “utility” like electricity or water.

The good news is that stimulus funding is available to help bring this broadband utility to communities that are off the grid. The only problem for rural America: no fiber optic or T1 infrastructure. In fact, it may be years before high-speed landlines find their way out into the countryside.

So, how do you bridge this gap? Leap over it, with broadband satellite Internet that comes into your rural community from above. In other words, you don’t have to wait for landlines. FTI has a simple, turnkey program that can bring affordable, high-speed, broadband Internet to your hometown in 60 to 90 days.

FTI’s turnkey solution for rural America: broadband satellite Internet plus wireless.

Bring our acclaimed high-speed, broadband satellite Internet to a distribution hub that’s located in your community. Beam that high-speed, broadband content to all residential and business users via a 25-mile radius WiMAX wireless transmission system — or any other distribution system you want.

This system can be up and running in 60 to 90 days.

Better yet, it’s a turnkey Internet solution where FTI helps you determine the best location for your hub, installs the satellite antenna and WiMAX or wireless access points, and sets up all the electronics, including your community Web server. And the follow-through doesn’t stop there. We will handle all the continuing administrative and back office functions like billing and credit card transactions with the end-user.


FTI's Current Wifi Locations & Coverage Maps

Glenwood, Indiana

Wifi Hotspots       

Satellite Internet is an ideal solution for coffee shops, parks, campground, hotels, restaurants, trade shows, events or any other applications where wireless access is desired for permanent or long term projects and terrestrial alternatives are not available.

Both business and leisure travelers have become very sophisticated and expect to have wireless Internet access when they are on the road. Internet access is quickly becoming a necessity rather than a luxury.

The use of Wi-Fi has grown 85% in just the last four years.  Many businesses have installed residential satellite and equipment solutions that cause more trouble, frustration and user dissatisfaction than they are worth. 

There can be little or no billing in the months you are closed. No users = Little Usage.   

We provide a complete turnkey solution, tailored to meet the individual needs of your locale, resort, park, campground or other tourist destination. You don’t need to become an expert in Internet access, distribution architectures, or administration/back office servers. We take care of providing the access, and let you focus on running your business.

FTI can provide literature and flyers that explain how the system works that you can place in guest rooms and common areas. It’s pretty simple and self explanatory – and it’s all explained on the portal page as well.

With FTI, all billing and administration of end user accounts is processed on our servers – there is no extra hardware at your location. We handle the credit card transactions directly with the end user.


Downloads:  Marina Flyer (pdf) | RV Park Flyer (pdf) | Hotel Flyer (pdf)