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Company history and principle service offerings...

We're an innovative telecommunications services company  serving broadcast, cable, business, government, and education clients on a worldwide basis, employing a customer intimacy strategy with a full-service integrated systems approach.

Company History

The company currently known as FOUNDATION TELECOMMUNICATIONS, INC. was originally founded in 1979 as Lambda Communications, Inc. in the State of California. Its principle business was the development of high technology telecommunications solutions for the educational institutions, businesses and the cable television industry. 

The rapid development of statewide and regional distance education requirements resulted in a successful consulting and design business based upon this business segment.

Statewide distance education networks were developed for the states of Oregon, Nebraska, South Dakota and Montana. Smaller regional network designs were also created for areas of Montana and Wyoming. Eventually, all of the statewide projects were funded and constructed.

The first decade of the company’s growth also resulted in establishing two new divisions; 1) Local Area Network Division and 2) Cable Television Systems Operations.

The Local Area Network Division soon gained a reputation through the design and construction of LANs for numerous Los Angeles area Department of Defense companies while concurrently developing a strong following in the initial construction of the most difficult of those networks. At its peak, the LAN division was responsible for approximately $1 million in annual company revenues.

The Cable Television Operations Division secured three franchises in the Los Angeles area and constructed a single high technology cable system using a "zero fault tolerance" design approach interconnecting all three franchised areas. 

This design approach was established on the premise that a cable system could be designed in a manner that resulted in the absolute minimum of active devices including amplifiers and power supplies. This approach was further conditioned upon the premise that sufficient signal had to be available at each subscriber’s location to provide as many cable outlets in the home as the subscriber desired without the requirement of a house amplifier to boost the signal level.

Finally, a no compromise philosophy was assumed with respect to both audio and video quality on all channels. The result was an extraordinarily reliable cable television system operated with a total staff of two people; one cable technician and one customer service representative in the office.

After several years of successful operations, the LAN Division was dissolved and the Cable Television Operations Division was sold. Lambda Communications, Inc. immediately relocated its corporate offices to Northwest Arkansas in 1992 continuing its development of the distance education business segment. Significant projects in distance education included proposed designs for:

  • American Indian Higher Education Consortium ("AIHEC");

  • Hispanic Educational Telecommunications System ("HETS");

  • Northern New Mexico Rural Educational Telecommunications Network ("RETN"); and

  • Distance education networks for the states of Oregon, Nebraska, South Dakota, Wyoming, and Montana.

Eventually, all of these projects were funded and constructed.

In May 1998 Lambda Communications, Inc. purchased 100% of the stock and assets of Foundation Telecommunications, Inc. A name change application to "FOUNDATION TELECOMMUNICATIONS, INC" was immediately submitted with all Federal, IRS and State required approvals received in November 1998.

The acquired company, FOUNDATION TELECOMMUNICATIONS, INC., was a satellite based company developed as an end-to-end service company for distance education and corporate education networks. In addition to its personnel, assets included a fully functional digital satellite based distance education network, satellite hardware required to uplink and monitor distance education broadcasts, satellite capacity contracts on both foreign and domestic satellites, customer contracts for use of the satellite capacity, a substantial amount of high technology office equipment and a well established highly respected reputation in the distance education and satellite industries.

Today, FOUNDATION TELECOMMUNICATIONS, INC continues to the previously established Mission Statement to develop end-to-end corporate/business and educational telecommunications networks using a strategy of customer service as the first and foremost priority.

Principle Service Offerings

Today, FOUNDATION TELECOMMUNICATIONS, INC provides several basic service applications:

  • Distance Education Applications 

  • High Speed Internet Applications 

  • Peer-to-Peer, Telephone/Low Speed Data Applications 

  • Hybrid Network Applications 

  • Wireless Network Applications


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