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We have specialized in satellite Internet technologies since 1992.

What can we offer your company?

We work with thousands of organizations and private citizens from all fields and trades. Allow us develop a solution right for your requirements.

FTI provides VSAT network solutions for corporate, government and private customers' communication needs in geographically dispersed environments. Distant places, outposts, offices, and missions are connected through VSAT terminals that can deliver voice, data, video, and IP connectivity thus providing instant access to the remote parts of the world over a secure and reliable, private or public network.




FTI is proud to count literally thousands of business and government customers over the years among its valuable clientele.

Below are just some of the organizations which have done business with FTI:
  • State of Kentucky
  • US Army Corp
  •  Engineers
  • Connected Nation
  • Nunavik
  •  Communications
  • Craig Cable TV
  • HETS
  • Qwest
  • Live Venue
  • Filson Group
  • Mountain Zone CATV
  • Oquaga Lake CATV
  • North Country CATV
  • Red's CATV
  • TGN Cable TV
  • Wyoming Educ. Network
  • Correctional Comm Inc.
  • American Red Cross
  • Ana G. Mendez
  • Skyline Communications
  • SIPI
  • Rejoice Network
  • Verestar
  • University of New Mexico
  • Oral Roberts Univeristy
  • Love of Jesus Ministries
  • Lehman College
  • State of South Dakota

Symantec's Norton SystemWorks Premier

Two-Way Satellite Internet

Satellite has the unique ability to deliver bandwidth exactly where and when it is needed, irrespective of geography and local infrastructure. Best of all, by utilizing satellite infrastructure for backhaul, the VSAT connection is not constrained by geography, or availability of landline build out.   

Disaster Recovery  & Backup Solutions

Satellite As A Secondary Network Connection:
Flooding, fires, hurricanes and numerous other disasters can knock out a primary data line for hours or days. With satellite, it's possible to maintain a high-speed connection when disaster strikes.

Private Network Solutions

Use satellite to extend your corporate reach by easily connecting geographically diverse locations. Private satellite networks are secure and circumvent public infrastructure.

Wireless/Hybrid Networks

possible today with FTI's Broadband Satellite Internet services. FTI uses satellite technology to give you a super-fast, always-on Internet connection, so your business or community can have instant access to the  information you need.

Network Monitoring & Control

Using the latest technology for network control, we can implement a system which allows you or your uplink operator to send commands to any and all downlinks for frequency changes and accessibility to any full or partial broadcast.


Applications of Satellite Technology are Endless with FTI's Products and Services. Satellite Internet Anytime, Anywhere -- with Voice, Data and Wireless Solutions.